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Instructor CLI

Welcome to the Instructor Command-Line Interface (CLI), a tool designed to ease your experience with the OpenAI API. Whether it's tracking your API usage or fine-tuning your models, Instructor CLI is your go-to utility.

Quick Start

First things first: make sure your OpenAI API key is set as an environment variable. The CLI will use this for authenticating your requests to OpenAI's services.

You can set the API key in your terminal as follows:

export OPENAI_API_KEY="your-api-key-here"

Installation & Setup

pip install instructor


  • API Usage Monitoring: Keep tabs on your API usage right from the terminal. Track token counts, total requests, and even calculate the costs. To learn more, consult the Usage Guide.
  • Model Fine-Tuning: Optimize your models to meet your specific requirements using our fine-tuning app. For more details, check out the Fine-Tuning Guide.

Support & Contribution

Need help or want to contribute? Visit our GitHub Repository